Duration varies • $25+

We use high quality impression materials to capture a mold of your teeth perfectly. This process only

Duration varies • $100+

We can wrap any size or shape coin From 10k – 24k Real Gold (Yellow, White or Rose Gold) Pure Silver Platinum Enamel Diamonds Precious Stones And more…

Duration varies • $75+

From 10k – 24k Real Gold (Yellow, White or Rose Gold) Pure Silver Platinum Enamel Diamonds Precious Stones And more…


Are Teeth Grills Permanent?

Not all teeth grills are permanent. Grillz are made of many types of metals (often from gold, silver, or platinum) and are generally removable. However, some may opt to have permanent grills that attach to the teeth. It’s usually up to the buyer whether they want to go with removable caps or have permanent grillz replacing their natural teeth.


Investing in a set of grillz is a big spend, and there are a few things you should consider before you put your money where your mouth is …

Types of Grillz:

  • Permanent
  • Instant
  • Custom

Permanent Grillz

These are the ultimate in commitment to having a pimped up mouth full of bling, and also usually have a matching price tag. Custom molds and unique designs make these the highest end of the price range. The advantage of this particular piece of dental teeth covers means you won’t lose them (and given the price tag, that is probably a very good thing)!

Tip: Consult with your local dentist and ask for details on the procedure before deciding to get permanents.

Instant Grillz

One of the more common, but still on point with bling and dazzle are the instant grills (pre-made or “mall” grillz). These are moldable grill covers which, once molded to your teeth, are instantly wearable and removable. The choice of precious metals is somewhat limited and much less customizable, but they are a great choice if you still want to attract attention and deck out your teeth with a glitzy smile without breaking the bank. The price range for these usually is under $100.

Tip: You usually want to avoid purchasing these for cheap on eBay/Amazon (they can have bad metals), and go with more reputable brands.

Custom Grillz

Custom gold grillz could be the solution for you when you are looking for something with a perfect fit and a bit of customization. These are a crossover between the “instant” and “permanent” grillz. You are usually required to purchase a molding kit to mold your teeth and send it back to get them made. Once the process is done, you’ll receive the grills caps that perfectly fit your teeth. The advantage of this option is that you get the benefit of a great fit, (and these usually stay in place much better than the instant grills), and you can customize the finish to get the look you want. The disadvantage, of course, is that it takes time to mail the molds back and the extra waiting time for them to be produced.

Tip: You’d usually want to go for experienced jewelers who know their craft like TV Johnny or Custom Gold Grillz.